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2023-06-06 10:36 AM by Envoy Foundation–  4m read

Welcome to our app! Here’s a short guide as to what it is, and why we built it.

We wanted to create an app where people who care about the planet can come and learn, consume content, engage in a like minded community, and support projects they care about. If you're here, we think that's you!

You will see that upon joining the app you get some free EarthTokens. These are a great way to support our content, and our projects. You can buy more EarthTokens if you want to 'spend' more of them, either in one a one-off purchase, or on a monthly subscription basis so they get topped up each month. Of course, you can choose to never buy any (at all, ever!). Either way, the app is open to you and you are more than welcome here - it will always be free and open to all.

Here is a little more detail to get you up to speed! Feel free to have a read, or just dive in and work it out on the fly!


You will get some EarthTokens for free when joining, if you are active on the platform you will get some free each month from the community chest, and you can also choose from various levels of subscriptions to make sure you get extra tokens added to your wallet each month, or just buy them in bulk when you please.

When you spend EarthTokens, you support whatever Conservation medium you choose. EarthTokens can be used to vote for projects you want to fund, buy NFTs (coming soon), or to boost content and comments on the platform.

We've never taken outright donations, as we felt supporters need to get something in return for their money. We thought supporters needed to have a real say in where their money goes, and we wanted to give supporters transparency. We think the EarthTokens concept achieves all these things, and we hope you do too.


This is probably the first place you will visit each time you log on to the platform. It shows a quick summary of the interactions you’ve had on the platform, including anything you have been tagged in, or comments you have made which have been responded to, much like other social networking platforms.


Keep up to date with the latest news that relates to our Environmental and Conservation issues, as well as those specific to our Missions. From articles, to videos and even podcasts, we aim to become the best platform to keep you up-to-date and educated on all conservation issues.

It is a medium to long term goal of Envoy Foundation to employ journalists with scientific or environmental backgrounds, to contribute valuable and in depth investigative journalism to the discourse on these issues, and to syndicate that content to larger publishers. We see the creation of content and jobs in that space as part of our mission.

Until that time, we work within our capacity and resources, and use freelance journalists and AI tools such as ChatGPT (which are fact checked by a qualified human) to create content that we hope will be informative and valuable to our supporters.


Spaces is a really fun and interactive area where you can create and be involved in dedicated groups - similar to groups on other social networks - to discuss and exchange ideas about specific topics. You can create your own space/s, or join existing ones. When you set up a space, it will first need to be approved by our moderators, however you can choose if you want this to be an open space for all, or invite only space for more dedicated discussions or planning. At the moment, spaces can only be created and administered by Envoy Action Team leaders.

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