The Sunday Project: Minister admits there is no hiding from the truth, harmless creatures slaughtered

2022-11-25 8:27 by Envoy: Shark Cull–  1m read

Did you miss The Sunday Project shark net story that aired on 30 October 2022?

Fear has clouded the public's understanding or even awareness of evidence showing that shark nets are not effective at protecting beachgoers from shark bites.

Even though government data shows that two-thirds of shark bites happen on netted beaches, NSW and QLD governments take the political easy way out and continue to promote the use of shark nets.

Things are changing as more and more people are becoming aware that new technology is available that keeps swimmers safe without the need to slaughter or harm any marine life.

Awareness of the horrific slaughter perpetrated by these programs must increase for politicians like Dugald Saunders and Mark Furner to feel pressured to cease their respective state shark net programs.

Meanwhile James Griffin, NSW Minister for the Environment stands by silently. It is within Minister Griffin's power to terminate the ineffective shark meshing program, something we and thousands of our supporters have been asking Minister Griffin to do for months.

Email Minister Griffin to let him know it’s time for him to step up and do his job properly. To make it easy, we’ve pre-drafted the email.

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