Shark net at closed Garie Beach, a case of government negligence or is it they just don't care?

2023-02-28 08:03 PM by Envoy: Shark Cull–  2m read

Although Garie Beach has been closed for almost 12 months, the NSW Department of Primary Industries confirmed on 22 February 2023 that 'with regards to the Garie net, it continues to be set'. The beach was closed in March 2022 due to major damage to the only access road.

Garie Beach is a popular beach between Sydney and Wollongong in the Royal National Park. It is known for its long stretch of sand, clear water, and great surf conditions, making it a popular destination for swimmers, surfers, and families. The beach is usually patrolled by lifeguards during summer, making it a safe swimming environment for visitors. But there have been no patrols this summer because the beach was closed 12 months ago and will continue to be closed until further notice.

So is the situation with the shark net being set at closed Garie Beach for 12 months a case of government negligence, or do they not care about the harm it's causing wildlife?

Wollongong Council Notice of Motion on 27 February 2023 requests that Dugald Saunders, NSW Minister for Agriculture, responsible for the NSW Shark Meshing Program, remove the shark net from closed Garie Beach.

You can listen on Facebook to Cathy Blakey, Greens Councillor on the Wollongong Council, speaking to ABC Illawarra Radio about the shark net at closed Garie Beach and shark nets in general.

If you live in the Illawarra or Sutherland Shire and would like to help call for the removal of the Garie Beach shark net, please email us, and we will forward your contact details to the team on the ground who are working to pressure the NSW government to remove the net.

Locals must step up and speak up, or nothing will change.

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