Scientists Sara Andreotti and Andrew Khalil have a deep passion for sharks

2023-03-10 07:51 AM by Envoy: Shark Cull–  2m read

Marine Biologist Dr Sara Andreotti has been working in the white shark research field since 2007, including on white shark population dynamics and genetics. Sara is one of the inventors of the SharkSafe Barrier™, a diver and an advocate for non-lethal shark mitigation.

Sara features in our documentary, Envoy: Shark Cull and says we must stop culling sharks:

Another of our supporters who stands against the use of shark nets and culling sharks is Andrew Khalil. Andrew is also a marine biologist, diver, teacher, photographer, filmmaker and explorer. Andrew is passionate about all life. Recently Andrew with colleagues Ashton Gainsford and Lynne van Herwerden, have written a paper about mislabelling of seafood in Australia that means people are eating endangered marine animals, including protected and endangered sharks.

Andrew has also written several articles for Envoy including one about Shark Populations on the Australian East Coast, where Andrew says:

"While many don’t see sharks for the benefits they provide, it’s important to understand that shark culling is not the answer and that along with an ethical right to simply exist, sharks are incredibly important to the ecosystems they rule over and many of those benefits actually contribute to activities such as fishing, snorkelling on a coral reef, diving and many others. We need healthy shark populations for many reasons outside the scope of this article, but hopefully, scientifically approaching things can help clear up the truth about shark populations and ultimately aid in dispelling many of the myths that surround them."

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