NSW Shark Meshing Program - Efficacy Continues to Decline, a Failure on All Fronts

2023-08-08 2:20 by Envoy: Shark Cull–  2m read

As the September 1st deadline for the start of the next New South Wales shark net season approaches, Envoy Foundation's response to the 2022/23 NSW Shark Meshing Program performance report takes on a heightened sense of urgency.

This year's performance report again highlights a high catch and kill rate of non-target marine life, such as rays, dolphins, turtles, and seals and includes threatened species. This issue, by itself, should be enough reason to stop the program. However, coupled with the program's inability to ensure beachgoer safety, the program has no reason to continue.

"This year's annual performance report paints a clear picture of a program struggling to justify its existence."

As mounting evidence continues to expose the program's inefficacy and environmental concerns, serious questions arise about the NSW government's reasons for its steadfast commitment to the program.

With the September 1st deadline imminent, we urgently call on Minister Tara Moriarty to do what her predecessors were unwilling to do; listen to scientists, listen to the community, listen to local councils, and move with technology. The shark nets must not return to NSW beaches on September 1st or ever again. It is the 21st century, and it is the time for modern non-lethal technologies to keep beaches safe.

To further explore the above and other pressing issues, read the Envoy Foundation Reaction Paper on the 2022/23 NSW Shark Meshing Program Annual Performance Report: Efficacy Continues to Decline, a Failure on All Fronts, here.

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