Australian Story: Valerie Taylor Part 2

2023-04-19 9:03 by Australian Story

Continuing the story of the remarkable life of Valerie Taylor, the celebrated underwater filmmaker and shark conservationist.

By the 1970s, Valerie and her cinematographer husband, the late Ron Taylor, had an international reputation for filming with dangerous sharks and were hired by Hollywood director Steven Spielberg to film great white sharks for the blockbuster, Jaws.

Behind-the-scenes footage tells the story of how Ron captured dramatic pictures of a great white and how the film's stuntman came close to dying.

But Jaws' mega success was bad news for sharks and threatened to undo Valerie's message that they weren't the enemy.

Even after her first serious shark bite, which we see on film, Valerie stepped up her campaign to protect the grey nurse and other marine animals.

Now 87, Valerie is still fighting to protect the marine world and her work is inspiring a new generation of ocean lovers.

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