Are you a NSW resident? Here's a significant opportunity to make a real difference

2023-08-21 1:50 by Envoy: Shark Cull–  3m read

To prevent the return of the NSW Shark Meshing (net) Program on September 1st, NSW residents have a vital chance to shape shark bite safety strategies. Methods like SMART drumlines, drones, and lifeguard patrols are already used at beaches with shark nets, ensuring beachgoer safety while preserving marine life.

Your voice matters – join the effort for change today by emailing Minister Tara Moriarty, who is responsible for the shark nets, at

We've compiled a list of points you can use or adapt to your wording to create your personalised email. You can select the issues that matter to you or include your own to fit your views.

Below are some key points to consider when drafting your email:

  • Questioning Net Effectiveness

The effectiveness of shark nets in preventing shark bites has come under scrutiny. Notably, other methods like SMART drumlines and drones have demonstrated better results in reducing risks associated with shark encounters.

  • A Modern-Day Approach

A closer look at beaches that employ alternative methods reveals a holistic approach to shark bite mitigation. These alternatives include SMART drumlines, drones, and well-trained lifeguard patrols, showcasing a commitment to public safety and marine conservation.

  • Technological Advancements

The shift towards alternative technologies signifies a departure from outdated practices. While shark nets may have been the best we had available in the 1930s, advancements in aerial surveillance and tracking of sharks with the help of SMART drumlines, which are already used at beaches with shark nets, mean shark nets are no longer needed.

  • Safeguarding Marine Diversity

The toll on marine wildlife cannot be overlooked. Dolphins, rays, seals and turtles are the majority of the catch of shark nets. This unsustainable situation presents an opportunity to stop using shark nets and for beach safety programs to focus on the existing SMART drumlines and drones.

  • A Safer Environment for All

Dolphins, rays, seals and turtles are regularly entangled and drown in shark nets. Most animals in shark nets are not considered dangerous. With permanent SMART drumlines and drones already being used at beaches with shark nets, the NSW Government can remove the destructive shark nets for good, benefitting marine wildlife and public safety.

  • Reduce the Risk of Shark Bite

Shark nets could increase the risk of shark bites, as dead and dying animals caught in nets potentially attract sharks. Drone surveillance and SMART drumlines are already part of the NSW Shark Management Strategy. Shark nets have no place in a modern shark management strategy.

  • Inappropriate Net Checking Schedule

Shark nets are currently only checked once every three days. This is wildly inappropriate and ineffective. For comparison only, SMART drumlines are checked within hours. While animals hang in shark nets, dead and decaying for up to three days, they are an easy meal attracting sharks to the beach. This is evidenced by how many animals are removed from nets with large bite marks on them. This is inhumane, and also a safety risk for beachgoers. Ideally, shark nets need to be set in the morning and removed in the afternoon, just like SMART drumlines.

Let's collaborate to create a safer coastline for humans and marine life. Thank you for emailing Minister Moriarty at and making your voice heard.

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