Nets Out Now + No Shark Cull Campaign Update - Month 106

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2022-11-15 10:06 by Envoy: Shark Cull

Since the 1930’s, sharks have been targeted and killed by government-run shark culling programs to “protect” beaches in Australia. These have operated in New South Wales (NSW) since 1937, and Queensland (QLD) since 1962. In this time, almost 70 shark bite incidents, including 3 fatalities, have occurred at so-called “protected” beaches. Western Australia's (WA) culling trial in 2014 is the first time mass outrage was sparked about this approach. It was the first time a serious campaign started against these practices. The WA cull has long since ended, but NSW and QLD culls continue.

Episode timecodes:

00:00 Campaign Update - Month 106

00:26 NSW and QLD Summer Rally

02:05 Public Awareness

03:52 The Project news story

06:34 Do we want cowardly or courageous politicians?

08:02 NSW seal entanglement in shark net

10:18 NSW Grey Nurse shark in shark net

12:03 Closing thoughts

Full story from The Project: 

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