Are you coming to our biggest ever Summer Rallies? Organised by the community, for the community!

2022-11-25 8:45 by Envoy: Shark Cull–  4m read

In the right circumstances, peaceful protests can be an effective tool for change.

Passionate community members who want NSW and QLD ministers to pay attention to local opposition to shark nets are organising community rallies. Envoy Foundation is supporting these local Summer Rallies.

At least 1,000 people have now indicated attendance at the Nets Out Now Summer Rallies across both locations. We expect that number to surge leading up to the rally dates:

  • Manly Beach (north end) NSW Summer Rally on 3 December, 9.30am
  • Burleigh Beach (south end) QLD Summer Rally on 10 December, 9.30am.

We have received reports that people are prepared to travel from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to attend the Burleigh Beach rally. Likewise, people from both sides of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, including Wollongong and Central Coast, have told us they will attend the Manly rally.

It's inspiring to see so many people mobilise to attend the rallies and how motivated people are to be involved and contribute to organising them. These events are by the community, for the community.

With our support, local rally coordinators are working with their communities, giving each rally a unique flavour. A big shout out to rally coordinators Amity on the Gold Coast and Lautaro in Sydney; and to the local organising committees and all who are helping!

The Gold Coast rally is presented to you by a team of youth activists aged 8 to 16. They are amazing. At the Manly rally you'll learn about personal experiences with shark nets, including from famous conservationist, photographer and filmmaker Valerie Taylor.

Local support is essential because it shows politicians that it's the community driving these protests. Loud and clear, it's local communities that want the nets replaced with proven non-lethal technologies. Rallies have also captured the attention of local and national media. It's going to be big!

But we can't get complacent. Work still needs to happen to ensure these rallies are as significant as possible. We need to ensure rallies get the attention of politicians and put pressure on politicians to update their policies and remove shark nets. Many people need to turn up to rallies to ensure these events are effective at getting the attention of politicians.

Everyone is welcome to attend the peaceful rallies. There will be exciting speakers, face painting, poster stations, music, giveaways and even a surprise or two...

If you're keen to help organise or promote the rallies, let us know by emailing and we will put you in touch with the local rally coordinator and organising team. There is still lots to do!

The Manly rally is in just over a week. It's time the NSW Environment Minister who is the local MP for Manly, James Griffin, takes action against the environmental disaster that is shark nets instead of continuing to be silent on the issue.

Give James Griffin a metaphorical shove in the right direction by sending him this email we've pre-drafted for you. This is particularly relevant if you're a Manly resident because he cares about your vote.

We must show the NSW and QLD State Governments that the time has come to stop culling our marine life and time to start protecting our beaches with effective technology instead of clinging to outdated 1930s practices.

The best way to stay connected and receive updates on the Summer Rallies is to RSVP at or the Facebook events.

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